Who Is Power Partners Australia and how will they be assisting with my claim?

Power Partners is a well respected building company that specialises in the assessment and repairs of Australian homes as a result of an insured event. We partner with Australia’s trusted insurance companies to provide you with quality repairs and exceptional service aimed at returning your life back to normal.

What happens when I lodge my claim with my insurance company?

Your insurance company will appoint one or more companies such as Power Partners to attend your property to review the damage. On completion of our detailed report, your insurance company will then determine if the claim is covered by your policy and instruct accordingly.

How will I know if my claim is approved?

Your insurance company will provide documentation on the outcome of your claim or Power Partners will provide you with an Authority to Repair if we have been instructed to carry or the repairs. In some cases Power Partners will be asked to collect your excess prior to starting repairs.


Who will be managing my claim?

You will be provided with a dedicated Case Manager who will assist you with your claim from approval to completion. Your Case Manager will work with you to organise the trades and materials required to complete your repairs.


Will I receive matching materials?

Some insurance companies exclude matching material and if you are unsure you should check your policy. Your Case Manager will request that closely match materials, as we generally do not select materials. Power Partners will then purchase materials based on your selection.


How long will my repairs take?

Once you have returned the Authority to Repair and in some instances we have collected your excess, your claim will be scheduled into our production system. Your Case Manager will then provide you with an estimated time to complete the repairs.


What happens when the job is complete?

Once your job is complete we will ask you to sign a certificate of completion. This finalises the claim and Power Partners then informs your insurance company. Power Partners prides itself on customer satisfaction and quality, which is why we also ask you to complete a short survey.